On Long Island we are fortunate to have high quality fruit and produce tended by passionate and dedicated farms and orchards. Making pies and tarts from local and seasonally sourced ingredients keeps them as fresh and delicious as possible, while supporting our local economy. 


We want to see our local food community thrive and continue farming and producing small batches of fruits, vegetables, and goods that are non-GMO and all-natural. 


Modern Luxury Beach Magazine

Makinajian Poultry Farm

The Big Cheese

Ridgewood European Pork Store

Sang Lee Farm

Wickham Fruit Farm

The Chef

Born in Taiwan and raised in Singapore, Jeanne came to the United States for school but found her calling while working in the restaurant industry. After taking a break to raise her two daughters, the Centerport based baker opened a stand at the Huntington Farmers' Market selling sweet and savoury delights. Since the 2013 launch of Sugar Rush Bake Shop, Jeanne has elevated her baking by honing in on her passion for the beauty and abundance Long Island has to offer.

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